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Wow, after a few days of camping the cave on Skullcrusher, I randomly logged in and checked my mimi map and there he was.I read all of the comments on here while i was waiting. for him to spawn. So then.server reset at 9:15 AM.Been countless server restarts and zone resets since 3.02 went live, this guy has never ever been up immediately after any of them.This might still work if the first trap has already been triggered.

I forgot to bring suitable food (duuur), so I immediately put 2 points into Guard Dog and had him fight a few mobs in the cave.After roughly 2 days of camping off and on I found him at 63.0, 18.7 at 4:39 PM on Perenolde on the rock outside the cave like others have mentioned.Changing a button's action slot ID. World of Warcraft supplies the player with 6 action bars,. Controlling a Button's Action Slot ID Edit.Back when i was 53(currently 56) i was trying to tame this muthatrucka but i gave up, id always see him dead laying there.After reading this page I decided I wanted to try and get him.I said sure, and headed out just to see if it was there before i logged and he was.When he broke out of the trap I still needed 2-4 secs to tame him.Finally woke up about 6 hours later and logged in, right away npcscan alarms me.I mean all the times i have quested there I had never even seen her.

Lvling my hunter and I was lvl 51, I walked into this cave knowing there could be a rare in here but I had no idea what lvl or tactics to tame him I just wanted to look at him.Step1: Start Your Slot Search Start your slot search with any of the four options below.

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But the very minute I logged on there she was walking right beside quest ape ucha.The NPC IDs can be seen on Wowhead by looking at the address bar.Here is how I tamed him: Cleared out the room and took out the Patrolling Thunderer.It took me a few tries due to trap resists but I finally got him.

I tamed him as soon as another hunter was coming up behind me.Tamed this guy yesterday on Draenor EU server on 22:00 server time.I just got EXTREMELY lucky and tamed this beautiful Gorilla for my alt hunter.Finally came back at 5 am and he was there waiting for me to tame him.This is a pet that I will definitely be keeping throughout my WoW career.This was on a Friday night and there were no updated or server issues, and the server did not restart.Loged in today and camped for 4 hours loggin back in ever 15 minutes.Happy Times:) Edit: I pretty sure that was 4.5 hours after server restart.For some reason, the hunter stops taming, and the monkey aggros onto me.

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The "Win Percent" for slot devices provides a ratio which. LOC'S UNITS AMOUNT CHANGE PERCENT | LOC'S UNITS AMOUNT CHANGE PERCENT | LOC'S UNITS.I believe I started at 3:30ish, so going off a eight hour respawn I still could have about 2 - 3 hours.

I was so excited since I had read all these comment about how many times some hunters has been in this cave to look for him.Xtraction Slot Cars HO Scale: Super III Pit Kit Parts: Sort By:. Auto World Super III NASCAR Slot Car Painted Bodies (2-pack). WOW Just WOW! The variety of.

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Camped him, logging in and out, from server restart until he spawned. tamed him. the spawn timer is relatively accurate as the server came back up at 9am pst and he spawned around 3:45, so 6 hours 45 mins for me.I decided that i would just tame him the next day right after maintenance.The black skin gorillas are all over the place outside the cave and inside.I decided to tame this nice gorilla and after 4 hours of camping he was up.

I camped this guy every night (after midnight to 6am) for about a week with no spawn.If he gets out of the trap he will immediately use his knock back ability to attack you.I have added a screen shot for more details understanding, hope this helped.A complete searchable and filterable list of Items in World of Warcraft: Legion. Always up to date with the latest patch (7.3.5).NElf hunters could shadowmeld in a quiet corner of the cave near his spawn and minimize WoW with sound on in the background to listen for attacks, and just browse a site like WoWhead and check your map for tracking every once in a while.

Keep in mind, every Gorilladin hunter is gonna want this guy, you may be facing some competition, and end up with a pet that half the hunters on the server have anyway.

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